Our Lay Leadersip

Church Board Officers

The ministry and administrative life of our congregation is governed by the members of the church (we call them “lay leaders”). Five officers are elected by the congregation each year who serve on the General Board along with several ministry team leaders.


Our officers for 2020 are:

  • Julie McNeill, Chair of the Board and President of the Congregation

  • Bob Dees, Chair Elect

  • Greg Umberger, Treasurer

  • Karen Murphree, Financial Secretary

  • Mary Ann Richardson, Recording Secretary


Our Elders are responsible for nurturing the spiritual health of the congregation. They also serve as a liaison between the congregation and the pastoral staff, and they serve as “ministers” to the pastor.

Our Elders are:

  • Mark Alexander, Chair

  • Margaret Dees

  • Marilyn Mastin

  • Ray Murphree

  • Ruth Ann Hepler

  • Linda Hull

  • Lisa Varon 

  • Lyn Hay

  • Tony Newman


Our Deacons are responsible for assisting in the weekly service of Holy Communion, and serving in key ministry leadership roles across the life of the congregation. Eighteen members serve on the Board of Deacons.

The MISSION of Riverside Avenue Christian Church is to be and to share the GOOD NEWS of Jesus Christ, WITNESSING, LOVING, & SERVING from our doorsteps "to the ends of the Earth." (Acts 1:8)