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How do I become a member?

The easiest way to learn about membership is to speak with our Pastor or Elders. Every Sunday at the close of worship, the pastor or presiding Elder offers an Invitation. This is a time for those seeking to make their first profession of faith in Jesus Christ to come forward. This is also a time for anyone who has already made a profession of faith at an earlier time in their life and now wishes to become a member of Riverside to come forward. When you do so, you will be asked to confirm or to re-affirm your confession that “Jesus is the Christ, and commit yourself to serving him at Riverside.” If you have been previously baptized, then you are joining by letter of transfer. If you have never been baptized, then a baptism will be scheduled and Pastor’s Class will be arranged. 

Can I participate in the congregation
without becoming a member?

Absolutely – and you will be warmly welcomed, too! While only members may vote in our annual congregational meeting and be elected as officers, elders, and deacons, we regularly have “non-members” as active participants in all other aspects of the life of our community of faith. Non-members are regular givers to the church offering, and participate in both our outreach ministries and in our studies, fellowship groups, and choir. They also serve in a variety of leadership roles in our community outreach, adult study, and fellowship ministries.

So why become a member?

Becoming a member of Riverside is a way of publically affirming that you are answering God’s call to serve God through the life of our community of faith. It is a way of saying, “I choose this community in which to live and love and learn about God through Jesus Christ. And I covenant with them to not only share each others’ burdens and joys, and to encourage one another in the love of God, but to also hold one another accountable for walking the path God calls us on.” God has created us to be joined with others; we do not walk alone on our faith journey. We encourage you to talk with our Pastor or Elders about making this faith commitment.

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