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Janet Novick, Director of Children's Ministries 


She/ Her/ Hers

Began Serving at RACC September 2019


Janet was born and raised here in Jacksonville and has three children of her own.  Janet encourages children in their knowledge and walk with Jesus through planned lessons and fun hands on learning activities. 

What are three things that are important to know about you?

1.    I am a homeschooling mom and it’s amazing. I get to go on field trips, learn and grow with my daughter and it has been such a blessing. 

2.    I LOVE books and crafts…way too much! 

3.    I met my husband through a co worker and I proposed to him. We have been married for over 25 years and I am still delighted he said YES! 

Debbie Herrera, Administrative Assistant 



Began serving RACC in August of 2023


Debbie is is a mother of twins and the marvelous MiMi to seven awesome grandchildren. Born and raised here in Jacksonville, Debbie has been involved with the congregation at RACC for many years.   


What is your favorite thing about RACC? 

The helpful and humble hearts of RACC make this church a unique and gratifying step in my personal ministry. 


What are three things that are important to know about you?

1. I love a great relaxing day at the beach. 

2. I love watching my grandchildren excel at soccer. 

3. My Sorority Sisters give me comfort and strength through years of friendship.

Melisaa Aiuppy, Choir Director



Began attending RACC October 2021


Melissa grew up in the Disciples of Christ tradition, attending Central Christian Church as a child and teen, and attending summer camp each summer. Her Grandmother, Betty Harris, attended RACC as a teen, later moving to Central Christian, and her mother, Barbara London, has been a member of RACC since 2002. Melissa loves singing, playing the piano, leading worship, and assisting others in growing in these gifts as well. 


What is your favorite thing about RACC?

Having been away from the Disciples church most of my adult life, coming back to the familiar traditions, the reciting of the Lord’s Prayer, the order of worship, the Gloria Patri, the traditional hymns, has been very comforting in this season of life. I also adore getting to see my children learn about God in the same setting that I did, through Sunday school, Children’s Moment, and Accolyting. I also love that RACC is so open, giving others the freedom to come to their own conclusions about God in a non-judgmental setting. 


What are three things that are important to know about you?

1. I have been making music my entire life! I attended Douglas Anderson School of the Arts, Wheaton College Music Conservatory, and I have been teaching and leading others in worship ever since! I love music. 


2. I have a son with severe Autism. His name is Soren, he is nine years old, and he loves hats! We try our hardest to not let special needs hold us back as a family, and bring Soren along on our family adventures as much as we are able. Whenever you see Soren at church, always feel free to say hello, give him a high five, or ask any questions at all about his disability. We welcome the discussion.


3. I love running! I have three Gate River Runs under my belt, and don’t intend on missing any in the future if I can help it, and I one day hope to earn a top ten percent finisher hat. I hope to run the Donna Half Marathon in February to honor a friend battling breast cancer. 

Karen Adams, Wedding Coordinator



Began serving RACC in 2018


Karen is a lifelong member of RACC. As part of the congregation Karen has attended small and large weddings over the years. In 2019 Karen planned her own wedding. She is personal familiar with the excitement, joy and stress of wedding planning. 


What is your favorite thing about RACC?

Riverside is a open and affirming congregation that welcomes all people as a beloved children of God. From my childhood to adulthood, I have see the congregation grow into the open and affirming congregation it is today. I have also see Riverside put our mission into action. As a loving, serving and witnessing congregation, Riverside participants in Youth mission trips, the Children's Art Center, iCare, marching in the Riverside Pride Parade, presenting a Live Nativity during Luminara. These are only a few examples of how Riverside is living its mission.

*Please note that Karen works on an "as needed basis." To learn more about our wedding ministry and how to get in touch with her, please visit our Weddings Section*

Jenny Gammon, Custodian
Jenny began serving with RACC in April of 2023. She is a gifted organizer, kind spirit, and strives to make our space welcoming and hospitable to all. We are very thankful that Jenny is such a vital part of this ministry!
Cav Moore, A/V  Support
Cav grew up at RACC and is currently a student at UNF. They began serving with our A/V ministry in the spring of 2023. We are grateful for their faithful service and dedication to making our worship services accessible each week.

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