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Over the coming months, we'll be discerning how God is calling us to witness, love, and serve as we enter a new season of ministry. While being a church that is currently in search and call carries some challenges, more than anything, it carries excitement! It carries the renewed hope of seeing where the Spirit might lead us and whom the Spirit might lead to us. 


As we begin the search for our next settled Pastor, this is a brief overview of what the search and call process looks like:

1. Our congregation's board consults with our Regional Minister, Rev. Sandy Messick, regarding our search for a new Pastor.

2. We appoint a search committee in accordance with our by-laws that. Our search committee was approved on February 12th, 2024 and includes a Chair as well as representatives from the Elders Deacons, Disciples Women, Disciples Men, Youth, Personnel, and 3 at-large members.

3. Our search committee will have an orientation with our Regional Minister.

4. We will complete a congregational profile, position description, and an information packing for pastoral candidates.

5. Our Regional Minister will send profiles of candidates to the search committee for consideration.

6. The search committee will narrow their focus to a short list of candidates & begin interviews.

7. One pastoral candidate will be recommended to the congregation. 

8. The congregational will meet & vote on the recommended candidate.

9. We will join in worship with our Regional Minister and install our new Pastor!

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